The best way to capture a person’s attention is by stimulating their sense of seeing. As humans, our brains love to process images, making visual communication an efficient way of passing information. In most cases, people respond quicker to visual images compared to seeing texts.

Businesses use visually stimulating signage to titillate any individual’s optical cognitive function. There are various types of signs and signage that are designed to attract customers. But no matter what kind of signage a business establishment opts to use, none of them can match the benefits that an illuminated signage provides.

What is Illuminated Signage for and What Makes it Special?

Just like any other signs and signage, illuminated signage is designed to attract people. They’re usually placed in front of the establishment. Its job is to endorse a business by letting people see the sign easily from a distance.

It can be used for almost every industry—from hospitals and schools to retail stores and restaurants—making it a highly versatile marketing tool. But what sets it apart is the additional lighting design that makes an already attractive sign, into a visually stimulating advertisement.

Here at Signs Australia, we make sure to provide the best lighting designs, so our clients could increase their exposure and maximise signage impact.

The Benefits of Illuminated Signage

Aside from helping a business establishment garner attention from customers, there are a lot of other benefits that illuminated signage can provide to businesses.

Economical Energy Consumption – Some folks think that illuminated signage uses up too much electricity. This actually isn’t true because LED signs only need 12 volts to be powered, while neon lights need 4,000 to 15,000 volts. LED lights also have a brighter output, while consuming less energy.

Limitless Branding Opportunities – Since it’s still basically a signage, the basis for designing can be the location and local code, or even the building size. A sign designer (like Signs Australia) can make a personalized commercial sign design deal, complete with illuminated signage, from the given information; opening up limitless chances for tailored branding. The deal can include a low-voltage RGB LED signage lighting with colour-changing accents as well, producing more than 4 billion colour mixtures to captivate customers, advertise your business, and lead visitors to your establishment at all times.

Safety Reasons – Safety is one of the main concerns that everyone has. In any establishment, safety must be a top priority—be it guiding people through the parking lot or during natural calamities— and individuals will need a sign with high-visibility. Illuminated signage would help lessen panic by relaying simple directions in large and bold letters, combined with compelling graphics presentation for maximum effect.

In a world where almost everyone’s brain is wired to process information in images, visual communication is an important technique for a business. A sign designer must understand how vital that method is when creating illuminated signage, which we here at Signs Australia take pride in. After all, we’re not just here to provide great service. We’re here to make sure your signs get all the attention!