Whether it’s a simple or extravagant party, there’s always a need for a backdrop. A backdrop makes the stage more interesting and helps in determining where the focus should be. It adds character to the party and brings to life the magical moments meant to be in the atmosphere in the room. It can be a mix of digital magic and a nicely designed printed backdrop, or a DIY backdrop incorporating both paint and paper art cutouts.

If it’s a huge event, you should stick to incorporating digital and printed to keep your audiences entertained and focused. The last thing you want is them to space out during the important part of the event, and they ended up missing what you wanted them to focus on. However, you can make it entertaining by making use of the best backdrop and incorporating it with the performances.

For quality products and services, contact Signs Australia for a great backdrop and make your event memorable and fun! It may just be a sheet of tarpaulin for some, but it does add character and elegance in the event.

But how do you make it more enticing?

  • Augmented Digital Mapping. This is probably one of the tedious but most awesome performance ideas in the market. A clever example would be a songstress wearing a blank white gown while the background changes – so does the gown. How? Through the projection of the video originally done in a computer. The singer is integrated in the background, making the singer a part of the magic.
  • Dramatic Cut-Outs. Print out a dramatic scenery or painting and have it cut out to windows or oriental patterns for added drama. You can incorporate lights in it too and make it look otherworldly and sophisticated. This is usually used in runways and other kinds of fashion shows, but it can be done in other things that makes your event stand out.
  • Lit Window Boxes. If you can print a large scale building image in this backdrop, make it realistic with a couple of lit window boxes for the image of active homes. It’s usually used in broadway and musicals, but it can be done in different events. Since originally made as a part of the setting, it can be a background for a concert or a talk show if needed.