How many times have you found yourself drawn to a store without actually knowing why? How many times have a sign lured you into a shop’s premise? How many times have you been enticed by an establishment’s signage design into buying what they’re selling?

Just like everybody else, you’ve probably found yourself in these types of situations for more than once. The answer to the questions above is as simple, and as subtle, like the air, we’re all breathing: colours. Yes, that’s right, colours. As a matter of fact, the best colours for advertising signs are actually being used by marketing experts.

The Effect of Colours in One’s Mind

Colours have long been known to have psychological effects on a person. Colours appeal to our visual senses (the one we use the most), which stimulate certain parts of the brain that trigger emotions like being calm, excited, sad, happy, etc.

Designing experts and professional marketers use colours to their advantage. They use them to evoke feelings to everyone who can see their designs, and that’s exactly what we do here in Signs Australia as well. We use colours to also make people feel and connect with the signage, greatly influencing their decision to check the establishment out, or even better, buy stuff from it.

The Different Emotions that Different Colours Appeal To

Different colours appeal to different emotions. Depending on what mental state the signage, display signs, and storefronts want to evoke from people, designers and marketers will have to expertly utilise the wide array of colours available. Here at Signs Australia, we use a little bit of guidance to help us determine what are the best colours for advertising signs.

  • White – White represents clarity, purity, cleanliness, and innocence. In signage, they provide great contrast for highlighting pictures, logos, and text. It gives off the feeling of having a good practice in sanitation and healthy hygiene, making it perfect for pharmaceutical, technology, healthcare, and household supplies industries.
  • Blue and Green – People will feel a sense of dependency on one’s brand when they see these colours. Blue and green evoke a feeling of reliability and calmness. These are the colours of trust and industries like social media, environmental, technology, and pharmaceutical can greatly benefit from the trusting relationship insinuated by these colours.
  • Purple – Here at Signs Australia, we utilise the colour of purple whenever a client wants to make their customers feel like their products are rare, of the highest quality, and difficult to make. Purple is associated with sacredness, royalty, and wealth. Finance, retail, technology and search engine are some of the industries that are best suited for this colour.
  • Red and Orange – If a client is looking for colours that’ll make them outshine competitors then red and orange are definitely for them. Aside from the youthful, enthusiastic, and creative vibe these colours give off, there’s also a sense of urgency for them to customers, compelling them to buy as soon as possible. Industries that best benefit from these colours are cars, retail, food, agriculture, and technology.
  • Yellow – There’s no better colour that attracts customers and people to what the store has compared to the colour of yellow. Its gleam is reminiscent of shiny treasures, and it evokes feelings of warmth, optimism, and clarity. Clients from the industries of construction, safety, retail, environmental, and food, benefit greatly from the colour yellow.

Colour is a huge factor basically any type of sign. It adds texture and, of course, colour to the medium it is incorporated on. Knowing the best colours for advertising signs is a surefire way of effectively marketing the brand, logo, or business, and that’s what we do best here at Signs Australia because we don’t just settle for less. We’re here to make sure your signs get all the attention!