There are numerous signage types meant for various kinds of marketing strategy and branding. Choosing the type of signage depends on the kind of establishment it’s going to be used for. This is because every establishment has its own unique needs.

Here at Signs Australia, we understand how important signs and signage are they can make a positive change for any business. The various types of signage all have different uses and it’s vital to learn about them, and what they’re for. We’ll be introducing a couple of them and explain a bit of what they’re for.

Illuminated Signage

There’s no better signage that can drive brands and businesses during nighttime, especially in dimly lit areas. Aside from neon lights, illuminated signage can also be incorporated with low-cost LED lighting. All of these things make illuminated signage capable of delivering superb contrasts and a high-quality level of sophistication.

Window Graphics (A.K.A Retail – Glass Manifestations)

Glass manifestations, most commonly known as window graphics, have a wide variety of uses. They range from way-finding (maps and directions) and safety markings to embellished extensions of branding and signage. These kinds of signage can often be seen in offices and hospitals.

Soft & Changeable Signage

Having changeable types of signage is truly a must-have for any business or organisation. This is especially important during events, where the design and brand being used must be changed in a moment’s notice. Here at Signs Australia, we make sure that the designs (whether they’re fabric display or with a light-box-effect), is made so that coverings can be both easily changed to match any organisational change or marketing campaign.

External Branding Signage

This is probably the signage that most people often see, as they’re found outside almost any kind of establishment. Their main goal is to make sure that anyone who is passing, especially driving, by can see that the advertised store is indeed nearby. They also aim to make a store, shop, or restaurant stand out, which is why they often come in forms of banner signs, panel signage, and striking monoliths.

Hoarding Signage

A type of signage that’s often found in malls, hoarding signage comes from soon-to-be-occupied retail units or offices that dwell inside an establishment, or from a new building that’s being erected. Its purpose is to inform people that a certain brand will now be occupying this space and make them anticipate its opening. They can also relay the brand’s contact methods (i.e. phone numbers, email address, etc.) and represent the values it has.
Having beautiful and effective signage can be achieved in so many ways, which is why knowing the different types of signage is such a serious matter. In a place where the competition is all about standing out, businesses are going to need someone who makes sure that their brand outshines the rest. Here at Signs Australia, we don’t make brands stand out because it’s our job; we make brands stand out because it’s what we live for and because we make sure that your signs get all the attention!