While famous for clothing and upholstery, the fabric became one of the most popular signage options for events around the globe. It’s versatile, soft, lightweight and washable – making it ideal for long travels from one event to the other without much hassle. Unlike the vinyl posters, this can occupy less space and even retain the vibrancy of the colours for longer times. While it’s more ideal indoors, it can be used outdoors to attract customers to your event – just watch out for the rain.

Compared to other sign types, fabric signages are actually way cheaper due to its inexpensive material. There’s a lot of things you can do with this versatile material, and some even use it as a decorative material in their own homes. Unless you contact a professional printing service to entrust the printing, like Signs Australia, you won’t have to worry about the overall look of your booth or event with fabric signage.

Why is it ideal for events?

Fabric signages are common in special events since they are known to be portable and durable – even sleek and clean if you go for the free-standing style. It looks like it’s mounted on the wall, but the support and the stand are neatly hidden from view to direct the attention to the contents of the sign instead. You can achieve this through Silicone Edge Graphics – a thin silicone beading stitched around the edges so it fits perfectly in the frame –  and it gives that prim look in any event. This is ideal in press conferences or business meetings to show professionalism in your company’s brand.

What’s ideal in this kind of style is you can add another fabric sign at the back and use it as a divider. It can even be a photo wall and have guests take pictures of your backdrop showcasing your event or your brand’s endorsement. There’s another style that makes use of this sleek design – the pillowcase option that basically inserts the sign in any metal or wooden frame. Some brands also use this to cover their security machines and show off their newest products. 

It’s a good wall decor too!

This can work in small retail stores or restaurants, rather than the corporate building itself. You can design the signage with an image or a quote that reflects well with the business you offer. What’s more, is you can use it as a decorative piece in bare walls in any establishment. It adds a bit of personality and can even be a conversation starter. It works as a decoration and an effective advertising strategy!