In order for retail stores to be 100% successful, there’s a constant need to attract customers and drive sales. Driving foot traffic and communicating your message to customers are some of the most important targets that a retail business should hit. If these aren’t achieved, there’ll be little to no chance for the retail shop to get noticed.

The best start for retail stores is to have signage that represents them and what they do. However, it can’t just be any type of signage, and it has to be done right because if done incorrectly, signage may end up causing confusion and overstimulation. To prevent that from happening, here are 5 types of signage retailers just can’t afford to miss.


Let’s start off with the most basic and most common thing that people see in front of a doorstep. Yes, we’re talking about mats and how they’re the most adaptable signage out there. Mats can serve as informational and promotional signs, letting you feature your shop’s logo, aside from catering to the safety and cleanliness needs of any establishment.

Outdoor Sign

Outdoor signs are debatably the most significant, physical sign that a retail store needs. They’re responsible for making first impressions to customers and to attract people, making them see that the shop has what they need, and you won’t find any signage contractor that makes better results than Signs Australia, to make the sign for you. The signage can be in the form of window signs, awnings, sidewalk signs, or entrance signs.

Persuasive Signage

Now, these are the type of signage that has more of an advertisement feel to it. Its main job is to convince customers using attractive imagery or persuasive language to buy the products available in the retail store. These signs offer the perfect opportunity for sellers to showcase a distinct proper and provide the specific details of items that are seasonal, featured, or new.

Compliant Signage

No one will enjoy their time in your retail store without compliant signage around the vicinity. Signs for parking, elevators, fitting rooms, toilet rooms, entrances/exits, cashier stations, and many more, are required to provide customers with an amazing experience. Compliant signage must also cater to folks with disabilities, which is why business owners should make sure to use palpable characters in readable fonts and contrasting colours, as well as in Braille, so anyone can easily read them.

Informational Signage

A retail store can sometimes be a maze. Customers are going to need what’s called in many names as directional, wayfinding, departmental, or organisational signage. The purpose of these signs is to help customers navigate in your shop, telling them where to go or to how to get to where they want to go. Be sure to use big, bold fonts in colour schemes that are highly-visible, to achieve the best effect.

The right type of signage can make a huge difference to a retail store. It’s a retailer’s job to identify which signage the business needs, and to make sure that they don’t miss any of them. At the end of the day, the type of signage they’re using could make or break them; drawing in lots of customers or driving them away, which is why you should choose Signs Australia for your signage needs. We make sure your signs get all the attention it deserves!