When it comes to creating signages, promo posters or any other type of marketing material to put on display, the conventional wisdom is to avoid being too flashy or gaudy as possible. Subtlety and simplicity is key, right? However, this isn’t always true.

During events, signages and displays that are too humble or subdued are instantly dwarfed by larger, more powerful brands. While the rule of thumb says stay simple, it can be changed in events. Play with your imagination and let creativity take over by going for flashy signs instead. Choose to work with an experienced printing service, like Signs Australia, and get the kind of quality you were expecting to have.

Scared of going for the unconventional style? No worries, it can work as long as you work around with the design you settled. Once you feared the gaudy and blindingly colourful signs, but now you have to trust them. Here are a few tips you can follow to make it work:

#1. Appeal to your current customers.

If you already have a budding base of satisfied customers, then they should be the first group of people you must tap for support when attending an event. You should study the event you’re in first before the setup to prepare for your gameplan. For example, is it an event that most of your customers were already attending and it would thrill them to see your brand there as well? If so, send them emails announcing your attendance and tell them where to find you. Don’t hesitate to offer freebies too and explain how your presence at the event is really something they should check out. Present your booth as something that still strengthens the impression of your more loyal customers even with other brands are around.

#2. Make sure your brand is recognisable from a distance.

Naturally, many of the best practices for signages still apply during events. For example, the letter height of your sign should be a good match for the location of your booth to ensure visibility. Try to secure your booth’s location, either close to the entrance or somewhere with smaller neighbouring signages, to save money on printing and opt for a slightly smaller size.

#3. Consider using CTAs and occasional arrows.

Words like “Live Demonstration Ongoing!” or “Order Here!” are just as much effective for your booth as they would be on a website or storefront. Along that same line, using a few extra signs pointing towards your booth can also be handy (especially during cases where you could only acquire a booth in less advantageous locations at the event venue). Use powerful CTAs and a few quick words of what visitors can expect at the end of that little arrow.

As with any marketing tactic, there is a time and place for everything. While it is generally a good practice to avoid a bad design that is too over the top, there are times where a little bit more is okay to really catch people’s attention. Don’t hesitate to be a bit more direct when marketing your product during events because this is a competition after all!