With your business booming, it’s only natural that you invest in professional decals that you should install in your vehicle. While it’s not required, it’s a great investment since it functions as a silent advertisement in the streets.

It also function as a brand campaign without the extra cost – an effective way to get your name out there while making the vehicle more memorable to those who see it. But it’s also important that you hire a great printing service to make sure the outcome is as close to the design made in the computer – and that’s why Signs Australia made it for 30 years of service!

But when the time comes that you need to update the logo of your company, it means you have to replace everything – from your company vehicles to the main signage of your store. It should be an overall change to avoid confusion to your customers.

Removing decals might sound like a pain, but it will be a flawless process with these tips below:

    • Clean the area. Make sure you clean the decal first and its surrounding area. If it’s caked with mud or layered with dust, make sure the entire vehicle is squeaky clean before you start the removal. You can then apply a layer of soapy water with a soft sponge. This is done to avoid the grit or grime left by the decal.
  • Warm up the decal. If you have a heat gun, you can use that to heat up the area before you can remove it. A hair drier can also do the trick if you don’t have the gun mentioned. By heating the decal, it releases the strong adhesive at the back of the decal and you can pull it off easily. If you’re using a heat gun, make sure that you retain a certain distance from the sticker so it won’t damage the car paint.
  • Scrape up the backside. Don’t use the paint scraper for this as it might damage the vehicle’s paint as well. Since the decal is heated, it’s easier to peel it off – so use a plastic card and angle it to make sure it gets under the sticker. Don’t rush this as it might damage the car’s paint if you do. Gently peel it off and let your fingertips guide you to remove it. You can use the back of a razor blade to remove tough areas, but never use it on the car’s exterior.


  • Remove remaining traces of glue. There are special products that can remove traces of the decal’s glue to completely get rid of the stickiness on the car’s exterior. Simply put a couple of drops on your microfibre cloth and apply it on the area. Let it rest for one minute to make sure it absorbs the solution and then remove it with soapy water. If there are tough areas with glue still on it, you can repeat the process until the surface is clean.
  • Wash the car. You can completely wash off the solution by washing the area thoroughly and wax it if you need to. You can also polish it to remove the dullness and restore the shine on the car. Your vehicle will be ready for a new decal!