Signages are one of the reasons a company or a store gets recognition from the public. It becomes the nametag of the brand, a way of advertising their products without screaming at the faces of potential clients. It’s a convenient way of getting your brand out there and hopefully get more customers and increase popularity. If you choose a good printing service out there – like Signs Australia – you will be able to get more attention and guarantee to last you a while if needed.

Designing a signage isn’t as easy as you think it is, you have to consider a lot of factors: colours, font, size, pictures, and more. There’s also a consideration of letter format – there are two kinds that you need to know of: the small and the large formats. But what is the difference of large and small formats?

Large Format. It is also called as a wide format and usually has a width from 18” to 100”, and the ones over 100” are considered super wide or sometimes grand format. This kind of format are usually used for banners, vehicle decals, signages, and vinyl lettering. These are usually found in retail stores and sometimes for promotional signages to show off what they have to offer for that season. Sometimes these banners or signages are put outside, but usually inside and are installed inside on the ceiling tiles.

Small Format. These are commonly used for smaller prints – ranging from business cards to brochures. Commonly, these kinds of formats are the kind you can do at home and print out dozens of copies in a short time. But it all boils down to the kind of paper you want to use for this printing project – you can either use inkjet or laserjet for these kinds of projects. It’s ideal to have this ordered in bulk due to the cost of materials, the time, and varying factors that affects pricing.


What is ideal for you?

Depending on what you need, you should decide wisely about what kind of format you can have. With the guide above, you will be able to have an idea what you need to have in order to get what you need for your business or promotion. If you need outdoor or indoor signages, you can go for the large format wherein you can hook people in and spark curiosity. While for smaller items like brochures and flyers, you can go for the small format.

Large format prints are usually durable and are printed on bigger areas to make sure that they can be seen from far away. Small format is also important since these can be used for a specific target audience that needs more details and usually can’t access the internet. Overall, both formats work hand in hand in increasing the popularity of your product.