In crafting your business, you think of the best and try to research the newest trends to make sure you get your brand out there. From the latest gossip and the newest fads, you scour through the internet to see what works best for your concept. You also conduct studies about your target audience and try to check what works best for them, and hopefully impress them with your strategy.

But the common mistake a startup does is poor design – it overall makes the company suffer. A poor design would mean that your brand might not get the ideal light it gets. They might even steer away from your company and find one that seems reliable enough. This poor design choices can range from the logo to the signage, and consumers actually judge you for it!

Hiring the best companies and talents to do your designs and printing needs would be the best course of action. Invest in premium services and go for companies with history of good business – like Signs Australia with over 30 years of good feedbacks and happy customers – and achieve the kind of theme you want. Here are the reasons why poor designs are bad for your business:

The Customer Experience. Most brands actually forget the fact that customers actually pay attention to the design – they prioritise the comfort and the in-store easy shopping experience more. When it’s actually a great thing, the overall experience – the beautiful packaging surprises and even the colour scheme – affects customers’ view on your company. Most people look forward to unboxing and showing it off online, so make the packaging and the entire design worth it for them!

A Poor Store Front is Bad Business. If you have a gigantic signage with the tackiest logo design and colours, it will guarantee bad business. Like everything else, people wants to see it first what they can confidently do business with. This will be tallied with how convenient your service is, how systematic your entire store is, and the interior and design. Even if the store isn’t as quick, if the furnishings and the overall look provides grandeur and professionalism, customers and clients will trust your business without doubt. A good visual design means better judgement from the masses.

Weak Branding. If your customer doesn’t like what you give them, most likely they’ll transfer to another business. A poorly design logo and overall image will affect what the masses will think of your business. In order for a business to strike gold, it has to embody everything – the core values, the history, and the goal you made for it. Consistency is the key, and you should never alter it even when you’ve achieved success.