Lobbies or reception areas are the very first area that people find themselves in, whenever they visit an establishment. It’s here where they’ll be greeted by the receptionist. It’s only natural to make this area as comfortable as possible to all guests.

However, this isn’t just a place where first impressions matter a lot. A lobby or reception area is perfect for displaying the office’s brand or logo. This is where a reception signage comes in. It makes it possible for an office to express professionalism, creativity, fashionable, etc., and effectively tell people their niche.

First Impressions Do Last

In business, first impressions certainly count and they most definitely last. Hiring a receptionist that’s rude and doesn’t have good customer service skills will only defeat that purpose. This is the main reason why a “pleasing personality,” is a part of the qualifications for being a receptionist.

The very same principle applies to lobby signs. Businesses can’t expect people to take them seriously, without having a proper sign or signage, at the very least. Our job here at Signs Australia is to make sure that offices, business, companies, and more, can effectively relay what they do and what they offer. After all, leaving a great first impression will make people come back for more.

Visually Appealing to Attract Individuals

Aside from leaving everyone that great first impression, a reception signage also helps make the storefront visually appealing. By engaging people’s visual senses, which is the most dominant out of the 5 senses according to biologicalexceptions.blogspot.com in a blog post entitled “Why Does Your Telephone have Two Holes? — Perspective on Our Senses,” businesses utilise visual marketing strategies in one of their most efficient forms. The design alone can capture a person’s attention, long enough for them to decide to either take a look or pass by.

But the sign or signage must also match the entire look and feel of the brand. Fancy letters and images won’t simply cut it. At Signs Australia, we make sure that the signage doesn’t just lure people in, but that they also match the business’ logo or brand, and what exactly they represent.

Helps Tell Everyone They have Arrived

Another thing that lobby signs do is help a lot of people by letting them know they’ve arrived at the right place. Individuals can sometimes be confused about whether they’re in the right establishment or if they’re even on the right floor. They need accurate signs and what’s more accurate than having your entire brand (or company name) displayed clear as day in the storefront?

Take a look at businesses and companies. You’ll notice that all of them have a reception signage. Lobby signs are not just commodities but are necessities. This is the reason why here at Signs Australia, we do our best to provide the best signage there is. We understand how important they are to you and your business, and it’s also because we’re here to make sure your signs get all the attention!