A signage is created to help you find your way in a busy city or in an establishment, and it avoids accidents and problems it might cause. Some establishments need navigating help since it’s either too big or confusing, and some signs not too much of an eye sore, but stands out enough to be noticed. It’s a handy feature that your customers will thank you for it!

Aside from leading people to their destination, these signages also protect people from getting into accidents. If you pay attention during your travels and walks, you will notice that there are colourful signs that indicates warning and danger ahead. They are usually fashioned in a way that can attract enough attention to warn passersby but not enough to distract them from where they should focus.

Are they worth the investment?

There are a lot of news and stories that circulate online that involves accidents due to people who are unaware of the faulty facilities, and you don’t want your establishment to be the next viral news story. If you are contemplating about these signages due to aesthetic reasons, you can always fashion them in a way that complements your interior while attracting attention to them.

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Creative way to apply signages

You can go the traditional way or go for creative signages that are incorporated in your interior. You can stick stickers on the floor to indicate the right way to the fire exit or tornado shelter, or perhaps on the wall if you want to show the imagery and incorporate it with your interior. You can be as creative as you want for these directional and emergency signages.

Some establishments incorporate their signages with their services – like a library strategically placed the fire extinguisher on the wall mural of a shelf under the title of Fahrenheit 451. It’s a great way to spark your clients’ imagination while roaming around the establishment.