When it comes to signage, there is more than just one type. Businesses and individuals have a lot to choose from, which is good because they would have the opportunity to pick one that matches their needs. Here at Signs Australia, we offer a wide array of signage types and designs that are sure to impress our valued clients!

But despite the many signage types to pick from, it’s good practice to make a selection based on the types that do match. Speaking of which, there are three kinds of signage that works perfectly well for any sort of business. We’ll be talking about each of them and explain a bit on what their functions are, and how they can prove to be beneficial.

Information Signage

One of the most efficient signage for any business is informational signage. Their purpose is to lead customers and clients to the business’ location. They are often used for navigation, since seeing the business itself would make it easier for people to grasp what it has to offer.

In most cases, one could call them directional signage, since they’re mostly for giving directions. There’s also another factor to consider when it comes to information signage, and those are its fonts. It’s best to opt for large, colourful, bold texts that can easily be seen from a distance.

Persuasive Signage

You could think of persuasive signage as some kind of advertisement that seeks to convince consumers that they need your products or services. But if a persuasive sign can’t effectively deliver the message, it would only be a huge waste of investment on resources. Here at Signs Australia, we don’t just make it a point for the signs and signage we work to look good, but we also make sure that it delivers the message properly.

Good persuasive signage should be able to enhance the number of people visiting and purchasing from your business. This can be achieved by providing information on products that aren’t getting much attention, giving everyone the chance to see how brilliant they are. Improving interactivity between the products and clients also helps a lot, as they would feel connected to it, urging them to make a purchase.

Outdoor Signage

Last but not least, outdoor signage provides great benefits because it is the first thing that customers and clients see. It also serves as some sort of bridge for potential clients to take notice of the business. The trick lies in making a good impression and letting that impression linger with them, leaving a positive impact on anyone, enough to persuade them to make a purchase.

Do keep in mind that even if you are aware of what signage would best match your business, partnering with a reliable signage maker is equally important. You wouldn’t just want one that simply gets the job done. You’d want one that ensures your signs will get all the attention, and that’s exactly what we do in Signs Australia!