Virtually everyone in the world has seen all sorts of outdoor signs. From sidewalk signs to window graphics, these types of signage are used and can be found around the world. Of course, this is to be expected considering the reason why all they were created in the first place.

With almost everybody in the world has seen outdoor signs, one would think that by now, we know everything about them. However, the majority of people don’t know much about these signs. In reality, there are a lot of things to discover about them and today, we’ll be introducing 3 interesting signage facts regarding outdoor signs!

A Worthy Return-On-Investment

Having outdoor signage is certainly a huge investment and the thought of not making any money out of them is a scary prospect. But in reality, investing in custom signs might actually pave the way to effectively increase sales.

According to a report by, they were able to account an average of 15.6% boost in sales revenue for businesses that decided to have outdoor signs. By utilising eye-catching, strategic signage, businesses are bound to productively raise their profit. A good place to start is with us here at Signs Australia; where experience and expertise are combined to deliver satisfying signs and signages!

They Get the Most Attention

Since this type of signage is located outside of the premise, it’s only normal for them to be the first thing that individuals see pertaining to a business. What this means is that before a customer even finds out about the product or service being offered to them, the outdoor signage plays a huge role in piquing people’s interest—which is very significant when it comes to generating sales. According to signage facts from, 35% of customers are said to discover new local stores, restaurants, and other local businesses by first seeing the signage.

They Influence the Business’ Target Audience

People may not realize it, but outdoor signs actually have a big impact on their target audience. You may be wondering “How do they achieve that?” and the answer is… well… quite subtle. According to, at least 85% (on average) of a business’ customers are within a five-mile radius around them, whether they reside or work in the place. Commuters could probably see the business’ outdoor sign for up to 60 times before its contract expires. Seeing the sign repeatedly increases the level of interest in a person, making them eventually visit the business, whether out of curiosity or a genuine need of services or products. If all goes well, these individuals could even recommend the business to their friends, families, and loved ones, which is a sort of free promotion!
It’s unfortunate that people just see outdoor signs as nothing more than a simple sign. But these signage facts tell a different story and they show just how important outdoor signs and signage truly is. Here at Signs Australia, we know how powerful outdoor signs are; able to affect customers and increase sales. We give our best, not because just want to make a strategic, eye-catching version of them, but because we’re here to make sure that your signs get all the attention!