When you start your business, you want to make it look aesthetically appealing and easy to understand for guests. That’s why most establishments have awesome paintings, signages, and decals that shows their professionalism and the company’s history. It’s also appreciated in homes – some houses have inspiring quotes on their walls or a full-sized artwork to add some personality in the room. Since the room is brighter and livelier with splashes of colours, a decal or vinyl letterings might liven up the area.

The days of messy painting’s long gone, as more and more people prefer to use decals and vinyl lettering to plaster on the wall. It will add some allure and beauty in the room, as well as help people locate what they need. If you need a couple of decals and stickers, you can contact Signs Australia for quality products and services they continue to offer for decades!

But what is the difference between Vinyl Lettering and Wall Decals?

Vinyl Lettering. Vinyl lettering is done through a tedious process of cutting a pattern on a sheet of a coloured vinyl material. It has a highly adhesive back and can withstand harsh atmospheres and stress – ideal for busy establishments. Since it’s individually cut and placed, it can be creatively patterned in a way unique to your business. There are endless possibilities in decorating your space and make it unique.

You commonly see these in businesses – reception areas, lobbies, offices, halls, and even the comfort rooms. It’s also quite versatile that it can stick on almost any smooth surface area and remain there for a long period of time. Since it’s meant to be for outdoor use wherein it can withstand the elements, you can trust in the quality and the durability of the sticker. Like the name says, it’s ideal for simple symbols or word stickers since you can choose the font and the style.

It has no background and it can’t be repositioned once it’s placed, and some designs can be quite difficult to print.

Wall Decals. These are more ideal for images, logos, and the like – they also come in various shapes and sizes. They add colour and vibrance in the room, and make it more lively and welcoming. These can be found in homes as well – there are wall decals that are made for kiddie rooms, office hallways, and much more. If properly applied, it will look great and realistic – you would need to contact professionals for this to make sure it doesn’t get much bubbles.

Aside from full wall decals, you can also use these as creative signages. They can be as versatile as the vinyl lettering in terms of shape, but it has to be designed digitally before printing. Since it’s not as durable as the vinyl, it can only be used indoors – paint will fade and you will end up looking at a washed up version of what you printed.

It’s ideal if you want to print images and logos and it can be repositioned if done carefully and professionally.