Sun damage is one of the reasons why most signage is starting to fade away and even make the storefront look aged than it actually is. Aside from the rain and the age, one of the main reason why the sun makes more damage is due to the ultraviolet rays it emits. Without proper inks & UV protection with years of experience & design knowledge, it will definitely make the sign deteriorate faster.

You also need to remember the kind of company that provides excellent services Signs Australia will give you the best results without spending too much. Getting good quality products doesn’t necessarily mean expensive!

The brand you need to invest in

ICS Performance Guarantee is combined with qualified OEM components that provides excellent performance and compatibility. Through this, along with Avery Dennison graphics, it can withstand almost anything due to thorough lab testing and very specific set of durability and strenuous physical performance specifications.

Along with it, Avery Dennison films provides excellent compatibility with renowned printers and inks to make the signage and decal last more than the usual brands out there. Signs Australia uses this brand to create amazing decals that can withstand the elements without worry.

UV rays and the durability of Avery Dennison films

While the durability of Avery Dennison is quite impressive, it actually accounts to the factors involved during installation. There’s the angle and direction, application, and the environmental conditions that the decal or signage have to go through. For places like the outback, high temperatures and humidity greatly reduce the performance and lifespan of the product. Click on the illustration below for more reference:

The effect of UV on signages

The higher the elevation of the signage is, the more exposure to UV it becomes. Aside from the UV rays, there is also the issue of thin air that greatly affects the quality. Including the increasing smog and pollutants in the atmosphere, your signage is more prone to damage and fading in colours. The location based on the amount of humidity in Australia also counts as a factor in further damaging signage, below, locations are split into zones. Click on the illustration below for check the zones:

Source: ICS PG Bulletin 1.12