Every business owner likes customising their establishment to create some sort of personality and deliver what the brand stands for. The overall look of the establishment represent the brand, so if ever you need to decorate and dress your building, it has to reflect the brand’s purpose and drive. It should be seen and felt whenever clients and investors visit your building, and you yourself should wear it like a badge and practise it like you are the brand.

One of the easiest way to win customers is making your own designs and items – especially decals to capture their attention and interest. Designing a decal doesn’t really require much, it just needs creativity and patience, and at most times, a steady hand. If you really don’t have time for designing it by hand, consider partnering up with a designer and hire one of the best printing services in town – Signs Australia.

Here are the different methods you can do to create your own decals:

  • Using Contact Paper. This is probably one of the cheapest ways to make your own decals. You only need a felt tip marker, contact paper, plain paper, scissors, squeegee, and a brown packing paper. You don’t even need to render and design it in a computer as it can be drawn directly on the sheet. Here’s how you can make decals using this method:

      • Sketch the design on a paper and make sure it’s crisp and clear – you can also photoshop it in your computer to work on the design.
      • If you plan to stick it on a wall, play around with photoshop and see how it would look like if it’s applied. You can add the design digitally and work your way around it.
      • Make a dummy design out of the brown paper, tape it on the wall and see if you have the right size and scale.
      • Adjust and remove to trace it on the contact paper. Cut it using a sharp scissor to make sure it’s crisp and clean.
      • Apply the contact paper and use the squeegee to remove air bubbles and apply it carefully.


  • Using a Computer. This is one of the most common ways to make decals, and is used by most companies around the globe. For making this, you’ll need a computer, scissors, laminator, laminating sheets, scanner, vinyl sheet paper, printer, and decent editing softwares. Here are the steps you can follow using this method:

    • Scan the image you like on the computer or design your own ideas in it. Ensure that the images are high definition and in highest possible resolution.
    • Use a plain vinyl and print it with the right side up or use a white paper for testing.
    • Print out a decal sheet and make sure you put adequate space in between designs since you’ll cut them out eventually.
    • Test print for accuracy and make necessary adjustments.
    • Print your design, but if the ink doesn’t stick, it means you printed on the wrong side of the sheet.
    • Laminate the sheet using a cold press laminator to protect it from the elements.
    • Cut out the excess before the lamination process.