Establishments get their popularity through marketing, and one of the effective ways to market your business is through decals. Decals can be posted on vehicles, walls, floors, and windows, making sure that the message made is clear to the public. They can even catch attention from the outside and convince passersby to check out your store or office. It also makes your store look more attractive compared to other establishments.

Decals also show how you are as a business – a well made decal means you are established compared to the unruly and tacky decals. You need a proper printing service to make this happen – like Signs Australia that dedicates their effort in time into making sure you get the best out of your money and design.

How to apply decals?

Decals might be a fun way to spruce up your office space or store, but it can be tough to apply. You should always keep in mind these things: if it’s a wet or dry decal application, the type of surface you plan to stick it on, and the location to where you should put it. While it’s tricky, it can be done professionally if you want to do it by yourself. By following these steps, you will be able to get rid of the weird air bubbles on the decal and make it look appealing for everyone – this can be solved with a good squeegee.

These are the general rules:

  1. To ensure that your decal is properly installed, you need to bear in mind the ideal temperature – which should be above 10°C and below 32°C.
  2. Make sure there are no layers of dust or debris on the surface you plan to stick your decal on. Spray a cleaning solution on the surface, wipe it dry before you stick it on.
  3. For wet decal installation, you need to create a mixture of 3 drops of dish washing soap and a gallon of water. Mix it well and put it in a spray bottle for even application.
  4. Always begin on the side of the sticker and work your way through the other side. Don’t rush this – this is the reason why there are stubborn air bubbles on the decal. Don’t put it all at once as well as it will generate bigger and more air bubbles that will make your decal look ugly.
  5. For wet decal installation, you need to spray the solution you made earlier on the back of the decal and make sure you applied it evenly.
  6. Getting air bubbles is normal, it always happens despite the care you put into installing it. While you can minimise it, avoiding it overall is almost impossible. You can get rid of these bubbles by using a squeegee and press it firmly outwards to the corners. The smaller ones disappear after 24 hours.
  7. When using the squeegee, make sure you put the back paper on top to avoid the scratches and possible tears of the decal. It will preserve the shiny and spotless surface of the decal for a long time.
  8. To avoid big mistakes, you can use a masking tape to make sure that you positioned your decal properly and accurately. Put a strip of masking tape over the decal to anchor it while you fix the position of the decal.