Posters aren’t only meant for decoration, they serve a bigger purpose in your business. You would see these works of art almost everywhere – bulletins, windows, walls, and more, and they have been since an effective way to spread the word. It withstood the test of time and continued to help businesses grow and flourish. They highlight the best of your products and services without screaming at your face!

The best way to reap the benefits of pasting posters is to hire a good printing service. Specifically those with experience in handling signages and large scale prints for decades, and that’s a job for Signs Australia!

But what is actually poster advertising?

A poster, or a large format poster, is a cheaper way to spread brand awareness and name. Since it’s printed in big letters and images, it’s almost guaranteed to catch attention compared to manually handing flyers. There might be indoor posters, but the common posters produced and used are usually outside. Outdoor posters can range to 6 to 96 sheets – from posters in stations to billboards.

Effectiveness of posters:

  • Versatile. Since you can basically place posters everywhere, you can put it up somewhere where your product is needed the most. Putting up an ad in a car park for car wash and repair services will make them understand their needs for their cars. They will think about the dirt stuck on the car’s exterior and the dead bugs on the mirrors. The location can be strategically planned or anywhere since the poster itself can be applied everywhere.
  • Affordable. If you compare it to different advertising strategies, you will realise that you saved more compared to other methods. There are a wide array of materials and inks that you can choose from, and they can either save you more money or go for something more durable and worth investing. Talk to your printing company partner and see what your options are.
  • Exposure. It can be placed almost everywhere, so you can place as many as you can. If you consider your locations strategically and hit your target audiences, it is considered an effective brand exposure and will gather more attention for your business.