If you walk around town, you’ll see these colourful artworks stuck on cars, building windows, and even on smaller gadgets. These are used for marketing purposes to make your brand known to people – making it familiar in your city and maybe even globally. The simple act of decorating your company vehicle with colourful stickers bearing your logo and brand name makes it easier for people to remember your business.

The common marketing strategy is through the use of decals, stickers, and labels for your products. Through these three, you can disseminate your brand faster and create a sense of familiarity with the colours and the design.

But first, how do you know what you need to print?

  • Size. You need to know where you should put it since the size is vital. Are you planning to put it at the back of your truck or cover the side of the van? Maybe go for walls and the doors of your restaurant or shop. In picking sizes, make sure that you have the idea and design in mind since these will affect your decision.
  • Colour. Will it be bright and cheerful? Monotone? Neutral? If it will be too bright and too colourful, you should consider making it smaller so it won’t blind the people walking past it. The colour only pops when you go to the best printing service near you. Signs Australia ensures that they print quality products to make your design look better than you expect!
  • Durability. You expect it to last for months or years? Stickers last longer than labels and decals when placed outdoors. If placed properly and in an ideal area, it might last longer than estimated.


The difference between decals, labels, and stickers:

  • Sticker. Stickers are what you would consider labels that you can either print or fully customise. There are more durable kind of stickers that are made from vinyl or polyester that lasts long even when placed outdoors. Typically, a good sticker can last up to 8 years!


  • Label. This is considered an informative sticker since it provides instructions, descriptions, or contents for your brand. It’s usually used for bottles, cans, name tags, shipping labels and the like.
  • Decal. These are basically decorative stickers used for outdoors. It’s designed to last only around three years if laminated and are made with latex inks through solvent printing process. They’re usually printed vinyl or clear polyester and are ideal for shop windows to attract customers.