Whether it’s a small business or a distinguished one, banners became a vital part of the store. It gives indications to sales, directions, offers, and even aesthetic value on the stand or store. While most people overlook its value, it’s easier to spot your business in a fair if you designed a banner that’s ideal for your location and your business. Depending on your location, you need to take into consideration the material used for your banner – it might not withstand the elements or it might be too heavy for your frame.

But how do you know if you choose the right one?

Before you dwell on the material you think you would need, you should take into consideration of the structure of the banner and technical descriptions you need to remember. If you want something unique and well-done, consider contacting Signs Australia for quality results so you can attract more customers. Here are the features of various materials you need to bear in mind:

  • Mesh Pattern. It’s made to add durability for the signage, and commonly found in mesh banners. They’re made from vinyl and is pressed together to make it strong and light – and is woven so wind can pass through it and avoid damaging or tearing the banner. This is commonly used outdoors. 
  • Internal Scrim. This is to reinforce the material and make it more durable than it originally was. It’s a weave made from heavy fabric and is usually used as a center layer of the banner.
  • Weft Inserted Knit. It’s almost the same with internal scrim with the weft is in between a strong weave of fabric to add durability. Since these two are almost identical, it performs the same function, but this is more durable.

  • Material Comparison. Between Polyester and Vinyl, they are almost identical since they’re made from plastic, but they are actually quite different. Polyester is made from polymers and esters while vinyl is made from ethylene and chlorine, but both are ideal for outdoors.

  • Weight and Thickness. Fabric is definitely the lightest while vinyl and polyester are heavier. Depending on your location and purpose, you can use either one as long as the structure is sturdy enough to withstand the elements of your location.

Different Kinds of Materials:

  • Vinyl Banners. Probably one of the heaviest, but the most common option if you want to post it outside.It’s durable and needs a sturdy frame to avoid accidents – but this is the best idea if you want to place it outside. 
  • Fabric Banners. One of the prettiest since they display the image in its full quality and in crisp detail. One of the lightest and is ideal for indoors.
  • Mesh Banners. It’s durable and lightweight – since it’s weaved intricately so wind can pass through it without tearing. It’s ideal for outdoor use, but can be used inside as well.