Online world is a magical place – you can simply search up items with just a few keywords and it only takes a few seconds. It’s so amazing that companies and investors turn to online adverts to display their products for everyone to see. It has completely overpowered the traditional advertisements you are used to, and thus the social media and websites everywhere are now filled with banners and popups.

But if you think of it, traditional advertisements suffer because of these online adverts take over the entire screen – literally. Traditional advertisements and brochures are actually more effective than you think – it conveys feelings as well as tone to the recipient. It creates a more intimate and personal approach to customers and maybe reel in some newer ones as well. You can connect with customers and even explain the benefits and pros of considering your product or service. Looking for more reasons? Below are the reasons why you should invest on printed brochures:


  • Professional. A thorough and crisply designed brochure will ensure the attraction of customers to your booth. It will give them assurance that what you offer is indeed legit and good quality – all because you made sure you print everything needed in a brochure. What’s also good is that it can be put on display on a coffee table and it will inspire waiting guests to read through it – provided if the brochure is designed properly. Unlike online ads wherein you can close the tabs and it will be lost.
  • Reach your target audience. You can build a temporary booth next to a building that your target audience enjoy or usually go to. You can hand out some brochures to passing people and maybe provide insights about your services and items you offer. You can even strike up a conversation with them without scaring them – if they truly need your help, they will come and see it for themselves. You can then explain to them the different packages and benefits of your services or products.
  • Boost branding. Something about brochures make the service feel more professional and more reliable to people. But it actually lies on dedication for presenting your products and services to people. You can even show them your dedication by fully designing your brochures and including informative items as well. Your choice of aesthetic from colours to fonts will also determine what kind of a company you are. It’s actually an effective marketing method to attract more attention.
  • Engage with target audience. Through printed brochures, you will be able to cater to your customers with your own voice and explain to them the kinds of services and products you provide. It will give them a sense of trust and will build a nice rapport with their customers as well. It also through your voice and tone that your customers decide to trust and invest more with the program you offer. It’s a healthy exchange between customer and seller that you can’t achieve through social media